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Still see ads when you paid for the app?
Make sure you are opening the Pro version of the app. It is a separate app icon from the free version. You'll know you opened the correct one because it says "5-0 Radio Pro" under the icon instead of just "5-0 Radio". If you need to download the Pro version again, click this link. The pro version of the app doesn't have any ads.

Are there instructions on how to use 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner or the 5-0 Radio Windows app?
Yes. Go here to see detailed step-by-step instructions on how to best use the app.

How do you turn off the app?
There are two ways. The first and easiest way is to just press the Blue Square button when you are listening to a feed. This will stop the feed. The second way is to close the app fully by swiping up from the bottom and pausing in the middle of screen. Then swipe up on the app preview to close it.

How do I prevent my keyboard from autocorrecting "50" to "5-0"?
Here's the fix: Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Turn off Predictive. Now, when you type "50", press the X button next to the "5-0" suggestion bubble that shows up. If you do this about three times, your device will learn to not autocorrect "50" to "5-0" anymore.

Can you add this location to your app?
We are adding new locations on a daily basis. We hope to cover most areas within a few months, but need your support to do so. So please leave us a good review and tell your friends about the app. The more users we have, the more locations we can afford to add.

Why is this location not working or available in your app?
Our large network of feeds are provided by volunteers with a radio scanner and a server. Since a feed's availability are based on the work of volunteers, it is often out of our hands when a feed goes offline. If you have a police scanner (costs $100-300 USD) and a computer with internet access, you can volunteer to stream the feed online for everyone to hear.

How do I prolong the battery life when using the app?
The display is what uses up the most batteries. Either lower the brightness, or press the power button and turn off the screen.

How comes it says "No Volume Available"?
First, check that your iPhone is not set on vibrate. Also check that it is not connected to other audio devices. Then, turn off and on your device.

How do I record feeds / Use the Sleep Timer / Alarm / Siren ?
Tap on "More", then tap on white buttons on the bottom-right corner.

How do I delete recordings?
In your list of recordings, swipe your finger across the recording you want to delete. A red "Delete" button should appear. Tap it.

When I listen in background mode, only text shows
Go to settings, then Safari. Where it says Plug-ins, make sure that it is turned on.

How do I listen to multiple feeds at the same time or feeds on my computer?
When you are listening to the feed, on the top-right is the action button. Tap that, then tap on the "Share Station Info". Then email yourself the URL. Then open the link with your favorite web browser or media player.
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Note: Do not email us to add a location or feed or if your location is no longer available. This email address is for tech support only and not feed support. If this is for tech support, please restart your device before you contact us. Most of your problems can be fixed by just rebooting your device or deleting and reinstalling the app.