Smartest Apps
Smartest Apps

Smartest Apps
5-0 Radio Pro
Best Police Scanner Radio App for the iPhone

60,000+ Stations
Worldwide Coverage
Reference Map and Police Codes
Real-time Chat with Other Listeners
Record and Email Recordings of Feeds
Background Mode
Free! Windows App Now Available

Limited Time! FREE 5-0 Radio Available

Proceeds from 5-0 Radio Police Scanner will be donated to various charities, including Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides legal representation to prisoners who may have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. Here is a shareable statement from the developer via Facebook or via Instagram

HiDef Radio
Best Music Radio App for the iPhone

30,000+ Stations!
Listen to the Top 100 Songs
Many Genres to Choose From
Record and Email Stations as Mp3s
Listen to the Radio in the Background

Limited Time! FREE HiDef Radio Available
On-Demand Songs & Talk Shows

Plays songs and shows on demand
Search by song, artist, show or station
100,000 FM/AM/Internet stations indexed
Recent song history for radio stations
No subscription fees
Download Songbot
How One Family from the Slums made Millions from Selling Apps

Read the official autobiography of Allen Wong, the app developer for 5-0 Radio and others.
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