5-0 Radio Skins
Radio Skins
Extra Bonus Backgrounds for Users

How to Add New Background Skin

1) Any image in your photo library can be a skin.
2) To download the skins below, press and hold your finger on the image.
3) When the controls menu pops up, press Add to Photos
4) When you're listening to a feed, select "Pick New Skin" from the menu (top-right button)

Featured Skins

Lake Mountain

Milky Way

Bird's Eye


Cobble Road

Sunset Beach

Lake Boat



Night Road


City Sky

Blue Lights



Sirens (by QuickEimaging.com)

Fire Truck (by QuickEimaging.com)

Police Vehicle (by QuickEimaging.com)

Submit a Skin

Want your skin to appear here? Send us an email with the image. Please note that by submitting a skin to us, you are giving us the rights and permissions to use your image in promotional material and for our app.